Favco launches premium mandarin brand

Favco has launched their new OPAL brand of premium mandarins with the commencement of the Honey Murcott mandarin season this week. The fruit is grown and shipped directly from their farms in Mundubbera, Queensland, Australia to the world.

The brand has been resurrected, it was first used 30 years ago and it keeps the heritage and provenance of the company. This year the Honey Murcott variety will be packed under the OPAL brand, with other varieties being added in the future.

“The new brand will be available in a (T35) 9kg and a (C6) 18kg carton,” said Chris Deveney, Director at Favco. “The carton is a high gloss pre-print design, shouting out Australian provenance in every aspect as well as incorporating the latest technology for consumers.”

The fruit stickers show details like the Honey Murcott variety, PLU, the OPAL brand, the Kangaroo, and the Favco logo has pride of place as well.

“We have also added the additional technology of a QR code on the sticker and carton, so that all of our global customers can scan using their smart phones and have a good look at our video showcasing our Golden Mile farms, pack house and see exactly where their food is coming from.”

Favco’s main markets are Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Middle East and Taiwan.

“At the start of the year we were very concerned about how the exports would go, but it is turning out to be one of the best export seasons on record. World demand for citrus is huge and Australia’s reputation for clean green fruit is always a plus point.

"I can only speak about the citrus trade, but China and the other markets are performing very well, demand is outstripping supply. All of the markets are recovering very well.”

Source: Produce Plus

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