Luna Sensation gets label extension

Sept. 28, 2020 | 5 Min read
New registration increases options for disease control and resistance management in tree crops.

Bayer has announced the APVMA approval of the label extension for Luna Sensation to include tropical inedible peel fruit crops.

Luna Sensation is a unique combination of the active ingredient fluopyram, a novel chemical within the ‘SDHI’ family, and trifloxystrobin. This combination creates a new industry standard for fungal disease management in avocados and a range of tropical fruit crops including passionfruit and mango.

According to Bayer, the robust spray program offers exceptional in-field disease control which has been proven to result in healthier-looking fruit and superior shelf life after harvest. With a short, three day withholding period, it provides the clear advantage of strong disease management close to harvest.

Bayer says the highly systemic properties allow long-lasting protection even where direct spray contact is not possible. It can be sprayed without UV light breakdown, or within four hours of rainfall.

Strong safety to beneficial species and pollinators provides the flexibility to spray over flowering whilst controlling early latent infections of diseases such as anthracnose.

The dual modes of action (Groups 11 + 7) aid resistance management when Luna Sensation is used strategically in rotation with other fungicides. It is best used to prevent fungal infection as a protectant fungicide as part of best-practice resistance management.

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