Tying up the digital space

Tie Up Farming has revolutionised digital horticulture management solutions; offering a tailored cloud-based software system for labour intensive horticultural agribusinesses. Tie Up Farming is accessible to any business enterprise, large or small, that wishes control their everyday operations more effectively.

Information alone does not make a business successful. Well-trained and motivated individuals, resources, and inputs are crucial to any prosperous operation. However, it is undeniable that precise/clear information can provide insights on another level, and can bring businesses closer to their goals.

The number of farmers streamlining their businesses, and deploying robust management systems, is increasing with the uptake of Tie Up Farming software.

The cloud-based solution focuses on labour intensive horticultural farming operations, with an emphasis on packing shed operations and farm operations. 

The various modules of Tie Up Farming cover all aspects of horticultural production, including spray diaries, labour management, packing and CA storage management modules, and many more - they can be selected from or even changed to suit the needs of each business.

By digitising farming operations with Tie Up farming, a Victorian farmer has avoided $500,000 of failure costs after only eight months of the system being in place.

When you start with Tie Up farming, a smart dashboard gathers together, and displays a range of information on your current farming processes. The data across all key-operating areas is connected; allowing the links between management choices and production outcomes to be better understood.

The program offers labour intensive agribusinesses a sophisticated barcoding system to manage labour, harvesting (benchmarking the quantity and quality outcomes of pickers), fresh produce storage management, costing per block/bin/hectare, disease modelling, weather forecasting, as well as providing better employee time tracking solutions (clock in clock out, task tracking) and accurately monitoring and managing spraying and fertiliser application, and more.

For example, the spray diary module offers a precise tracking of the optimal meteorological and Delta-T conditions for spraying to minimise drift risk and maximise spray effectiveness. On-field employees receive their spray task with associated and relevant warnings in order to ensure a safe usage of the chemicals. Offsite supervisors and managers are able to track task status in real time.

Once the spraying has been completed, the inventory is automatically updated allowing for a central management of chemical, pesticide and fertiliser stock. This is done in accordance with Global Gap and Fresh care regulations. Withholding and re-entry periods are also managed through the program; informing farmers when it is safe for employees to return to the field and start picking.

All data related to spraying is systematically recorded and processed in an all-inclusive and informative spray diary; saving farmers the effort of having to manually log their actions and results.

By subscribing to the software, some of the spray diary features are made accessible for free as part of the introduction to the software.

Tie Up Farming was established to support horticulture businesses by preventing unnecessary financial and yield losses; using smarter data driven informative technology for the optimised management of all farming processes using AI.

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