Citrus eating quality best in seven years

Citrus June 30, 2019

This season’s fruit eating quality is the best it has been in seven years, according to MFC Grower Services Manager, Bill Robinson.

“All our maturity testing and taste testing show that the eating quality of Australian fruit is the best in the last seven years,” Mr Robinson said.

“Sugar levels are quite high, acid levels are low and that’s due to this season’s weather conditions.

“All customers of Australian fruit are going to be very happy.”

MFC recently hosted some major Chinese importers to Australia to taste different varieties of oranges and mandarins at several farms.

“One customer has been coming to Australia for the past five years and said it was the best eating quality fruit he has eaten in that time,” Mr Robinson said.
“It validated our opinions within MFC.”

Citrus Australia Quality Project Officer, Mara Milner, said results from the 2019 Australian Citrus Quality Standards (ACQS) program have also been very positive.

The ACQS program samples and tests citrus fruit from the Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney fresh produce wholesale markets.

“So far the results are very positive with 97 per cent of samples not just meeting but exceeding the BrimA level of 90, which is industry’s accepted eating quality parameter for oranges,” Ms Milner said.

“We expect as the season progresses through the mid and winter varieties that the percentage of fruit passing this level will be close to if not 100 per cent, contributing to another successful year for our industry.”

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