Tasmanian food exports slowed by Coronavirus

FGT and the Tasmanian Government are seeking input from fruit growers and supply chain businesses affected by the ongoing global Coronavirus situation.

Emerging in China in January 2020, the new coronavirus strain has become an emerging global human health issue as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Thailand strive to contain and manage the disease.

International travel bans and domestic movement restrictions implemented by the Chinese Government to quarantine affected regions and limit the transmission and spread of the disease have caused disruption to imports and exports of perishable products into and around China.

Restrictions on human movement has disrupted China's domestic freight networks, greatly slowing the movement and sale of imported food products into and around Chinese mainland.

The coronavirus situation is also expected to cause disruptions to food production systems in Australia and abroad as consignments of imported Chinese fertilisers, packaging materials and other essential production inputs become increasingly delayed.

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