Spraying made easy with Croplands Mist Ultra

The arduous tasks of pre-, post- and mid-season spraying of citrus, mangoes, avocados and macadamias is made easy with the Croplands tree crop sprayer model range.

Horticulture product lead, Andrew Germein says Croplands has introduced a 5000-litre tank option which has been very well received by larger scale and corporate customers looking for greater efficiencies and less filling time.

The Quantum Mist Ultra Tower is the premium tree crop sprayer in the Croplands model range and is available with eight or ten QM-500 fans.

“The Ultra Tower has established itself as the benchmark in targeted spray coverage and efficiency,” Mr Germein said. “Using eight nozzles per fan, the Ultra Tower can be easily calibrated for extremely accurate tree sector coverage, targeting specific fruiting zones.”

Each QM-500 spray fan can be turned off to ensure targeted coverage for smaller trees in developing orchards.

The Quantum Mist Ultra Tower can be ordered with standard in-cab electric controls, rate controller options, or with the newly released Arag IBX-100 ISOBUS controller platform.

The new Cropliner XV (Extra Volume) 5000-litre model is fitted with the industry leading Fieni 1060 DSV fan.

“Optional upper and lower deflector kits or the new tall tree volute take air blast spray coverage and efficiency to the next level,” Mr Germein said.

“A new heavy-duty, multi-section chassis with choice of single suspension or tandem walking beam axle, ensure the XV 5000 is built to handle all that’s thrown at it.”

Considered the industry leaders in spray coverage and drift control, Mr Germein said Croplands was excited to release a new ‘Croplands Spray Calibration Tool’ for 2021.

“Obviously we want our customers to experience a high quality, reliable and efficient sprayer solution. This new calibration tool will ensure the sprayer is fitted out with the best and most suitable nozzle combination from the factory to ensure even better coverage and application outcomes,” he said.

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