2020 Australian macadamia crop on track to reach target

Macadamias July 1, 2020

Harvesting conditions have been largely favourable over the last few months, with more than 50 per cent of the Australian macadamia crop now collected.


AMS CEO Jolyon Burnett says nut quality is good, despite the challenging growing conditions experienced during this season.

“Notwithstanding the hottest and driest year in our recorded history last year, all regions are reporting a good quality crop,” says Mr. Burnett.

All growing regions are at different stages of harvest, with Bundaberg, Australia’s largest macadamia producer, out in front, having now delivered 80 per cent of its crop.

Mr. Burnett said the growing and processing sectors of the Australian macadamia industry

had adapted to restrictions presented by Covid-19 and were largely unaffected by the pandemic.

“It’s been business as usual for the most part, although there has been some minor disruption to our international shipping, as is the case with most export industries.”

Mr. Burnett says it continues to be an exciting time for the industry, with sustained investment in new plantings, expansion of growing regions, new varieties and an innovative international marketing campaign launching this week

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