Nadia - a cherry plum hybrid

Green Planet has the exclusive Tasmanian grower rights to an exciting cherry plum hybrid by the name of Nadia.

“Nadia is effectively an oversized cherry, but with more flesh compared to its pip size than a standard cherry. Its slightly thicker skin means it’s less prone to splitting during heavy rain and it also lasts longer in transit and on the shelf. It is also reported to have high levels of antioxidants,” said Managing Director, Justin Birchmore.

Northern hemisphere buyers have become increasingly interested in sourcing ‘counter-seasonal’ fruit from Australia and international markets for Nadia have already been established in North America, Europe and Asia.

“Green Planet has been actively exploring opportunities to acquire an existing profitable business in the horticulture sector. We’re also considering the development of new projects where there’s a clear market need and a compelling business case,” said Mr Birchmore. “This appointment significantly enhances our capacity to do so.

“By tapping into our network of institutional investors, we hope to diversify and expand the company’s activities in this growing sector, rather than wait some years for our Nadia trees to grow, bear fruit and eventually produce a revenue line.

“We’re a modest company and certainly not on the radar screen. However, within our board, management and shareholder ranks, we have a solid collective history of creating company wealth of real significance; often from a negligible starting point”.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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