Croplands expands range in 2020

Pre, post and mid season spraying of citrus, mangoes, avocadoes and macadamias has just been made a whole lot easier with Croplands announcing the release of a number of solutions designed specifically for the tall tree crop market.

The all-new Cropliner XV (Extra Volume) 5000-litre air blast sprayer has been designed with high capacity pump options, heavy-duty chassis and a choice of either a single suspension or tandem walking beam axle. This new model is built to handle all that’s thrown at it.

This Cropliner XV can be paired with the outstanding Fieni 1060 DSV fan or with a new tall tree volute to specifically target tall tree crops, taking coverage and productivity to a new level.

The market leading Quantum Mist Ultra Tower is also now available with the 5000-litre package.

The Quantum Mist Ultra Tower cab be fitted with eight or 10 QM-500 fans and has established itself as the benchmark in targeted spray coverage and efficiency.

Able to deliver impressive coverage and control at higher travel speeds than traditional air-blast sprayers, the Quantum Mist Ultra Tower delivers the ultimate in productivity and performance, according to Andrew Germein, Croplands Horticulture Product Lead.

“Croplands have long been considered the market leader in spray coverage and drift control. These higher capacity model offerings address our large-scale customers’ requirements for less filling time and higher levels of productivity,” said Mr Germein.

“The Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer provides unrivalled coverage and other added advantages over standard sprayers.”

Using eight nozzles per fan, equating to 24 nozzles per side, more droplets in the upper part of the tree can be achieved and at higher travel speed.

Other advantages include highly targeted areas for thinning sprays, shut off for top fans for smaller trees in developing orchards, more high-volume air in a wider spray swath giving unmatched spray coverage at lower application rates and higher spraying speeds compared to traditional airblast sprayers.

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