User friendly fruit fly control

July 13, 2020 | 5 Min read
Formulation scientists improve widely used insecticide .

Fruit fly has been the cause of huge economic loss for Australian mango growers for many years. Through the introduction of new chemistry and techniques, growers are now learning how to manage the pest.

Fyfanon 440 EW from FMC Agricultural Sciences Company took a widely used insecticide and made it more user-friendly for the grower, says FMC strategic product manager, Angus Wilson.

“The FMC team of formulation scientists have created a patented stabilised emulsion formulation consisting of premium grade maldison droplets suspended in water and stabilised by a unique system of additives and emulsifiers,” Mr Wilson said.

Developed to address the instability of maldison EC formulations and reduce the toxicology profile, FMC has created a formulation that reduces active ingredient breakdown in the drum, improves the toxicity to the user, has a low odour, low impurity content, and is a non-flammable formulation.

Fyfanon is free of hydrocarbon solvents and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Fyfanon has the same efficacy as other maldison EC formulations in a more user-friendly formulation,” Mr Wilson said.

Fyfanon has a wide range of on-farm uses for most fruit and vegetables crops. For insecticide resistance management, Fyfanon is classed as a group 1B insecticide and is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor with contact and stomach action. It has no systemic activity.

As a water based maldison insecticide with a three-day WHP for most fruits and vegetables, Fyfanon is a broad-spectrum insecticide and acaricide used for post-harvest treatment against a wide range of sucking and chewing pests in a broad variety of fruit, vegetable and field crops.

Registered for foliar application in a range of fruit crops to protect against damaging fruit fly species, Fyfanon is the only maldison formulation registered as a cover spray for fruit fly control in fruit crops.

Best used as part of an integrated approach to manage fruit fly, Fyfanon is an effective cover spray when early fruit fly activity is observed through monitoring. It has proved to be effective in protecting developing fruit on a range of crops.

Mr Wilson said to effectively manage fruit fly, a multi-faceted approach should be used. “Fyfanon 440EW assists in the management of fruit flies as part of an integrated program that includes other registered insecticides, baiting, trapping, pest monitoring and orchard hygiene. The efficacy of the multi-faceted approach will be dependent upon the level of pest pressure during the season.

“The patented Fyfanon 440 EW formulation is another example of FMC bringing more user-friendly crop protection chemistry to Australian producers and their staff. Fruit fly is a major pest that needs to be dealt with, and Fyfanon 440 EW is one part of the program that helps to do that with less impact on the applicator.

“Always read the product label and follow the directions for Use. The product must only be applied according to the label and according to the local rules and regulations. Use in accordance with good agricultural practice,” Mr Wilson said.

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