TriCal Australia acquires A-Gas Rural

Founded in California in 1961, TriCal Inc. is a distributor and applicator of soil conditioning and fumigation products with a focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. For more than 50 years, TriCal has helped provide a beneficial soil environment for farmers to produce healthy and bountiful crops that feed the world. As an industry leader, TriCal have worked to provide the best and safest application techniques and procedures available anywhere.

TriCal products are purchased direct from certified plants in the USA and formulated here in Australia. Now we are owned by the manufacturer, we provide surety of supply and manage production more efficiently just in time for each season.

Our fleet of cylinders have a dual valve design which virtually eliminates blockages, enables ease of application and includes a quick release Nitrogen fitting. This design with a specially developed system which internally cleans each cylinder prior to re-fill has enabled us to deliver zero cylinder blockages over the last four years.

TriCal prides itself on having the best technical knowledge, training packages and Stewardship programs in the industry. We also offer before and after soil testing to document to our customers, the level of pest and disease pressure they have on farm, and to certify the success of the fumigation. No-one else offers this level of technical ability. Our knowledge and training allows us to apply our fumigants safely and correctly. Where you do not have the equipment or desire to fumigate, we will provide an application service for both shank and drip application. We continue to grow our fleet of tractors and equipment to enable us to provide these exclusive services to our customers.

Source: Growcom News

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