Superior finish starts with Premio

Aug. 12, 2023 | 5 Min read
Australia is renowned for its high-value fresh produce, which is driving an ever-booming export market.

Australia is renowned for its high-value fresh produce, which is driving an ever-booming export market.

With growing conditions continuing to be unpredictable, as evident with the 2022–23 season, cherry growers are looking for ways to ensure the production of premium quality fruit and consistent yields to tap into lucrative export markets worth approximately $80 million annually (Source – Cherry Growers Australia).

According to published research, the characteristics of cherries that appeal most to consumers are size, sweetness, firmness and juiciness.

Premio, by AgNova Technologies, is a nutritional specialty product that maximises fruit size and quality, while optimising cell membrane elasticity and permeability which may assist in the reduction of fruit cracking, says AgNova technical officer Dr Cameron Stone.

“Premio is a unique product that supplies key nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), as well as providing the required fatty alcohols to assist the plant during fruit development.”

Dr Stone said extensive research on trees treated with Premio showed improved fruit set percentages, higher fruit quality parameters such as stem pull, and reductions in cracked fruit compared to untreated trees. He said to optimise performance, Premio must be used in a program commencing just after fruit set.

“Applying Premio early in the crop, around early fruit cell division, enables the maximum cell numbers per fruit to be produced. Therefore, later in the crop, water can be distributed among a greater number of cells, thereby reducing fruit susceptibility to cracking.

“Begin applications from fruit set onwards, i.e. crop stage BBCH 72: green ovary surrounded by dying sepal crown, sepals beginning to fall.

“Continue applications at an interval no greater than 10–15 days. Ensure an application is made 14 days prior to harvest.

“Research and development continue to be conducted on a range of common tank mix partners to ensure crop safety and product efficacy.”

Refer to the AgNova website for more information on how to optimise fruit quality and maximise fruit size this season with Premio.

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