• ‘Minimum wage’ now in effect
  • Citrus Australia calls for Biosecurity Protection Levy to be scrapped
  • Citrus Australia monitors pomelo risk analysis
  • Historic $130m hort exports trade alliance
  • Macadamia crop down but quality “excellent”: AMS
  • Almond exports up by nearly 50 per cent
  • Partnership to fortify plant biosecurity


  • New Grochem appointments
  • New member joins Agspec hort team

Featured crop -Cherries

  • Biological boosts cherry yield and storage
  • The cherry export process explained
  • Joe’s ReTain punt pays off in higher fruit set
  • Superior finish starts with Premio
  • Impact of irradiation on export cherry quality
  • Does orchard soil health affect fruit quality?

Featured crop - Tropical & Sub Tropical Trees

  • Research explores wider fungicide effectiveness
  • A systems approach to managing maca nutrients
  • Tropical fruits in line for genetic boost
  • PR campaign highlights macadamias' Aussie roots
  • Innovation rachets up mango eating experience!

Fruit Fly

  • Fruit fly symposium views a bold fruit fly future
  • Naturalure: effective, easy fruit fly control

Know your Pest

  • How good are you at killing insects?

Bees & pollination

  • More Varroa mite found near Kempsey and Coffs
  • Enhancing flowering and flower retention


  • Helping growers compete in a changing world

Disease & Weed Control

  • Research explores wider fungicide effectiveness
  • Setting up for a fruitful orchard season
  • Miravis Prime trusted fungicide in blueberries

Water Supply & Irrigation

  • Prepare for the next El Ni ño with AquiMax


  • On-the-go orchard fruit harvest quality sensing
  • Demonstrated success for almond aeration