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  • Increase in 2023 macadamia crop
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  • Mango export market success
  • Registrations open for Hort Connections 2023
  • Tree immunisations could become a reality
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Featured Crop - Macadamias

  • Tree traits to boost macadamia production
  • Integrated nutrition program for macadamias
  • Do higher density plantings lift yield?
  • Marquis’ new CEO and chair
  • Factors affecting total kernel recovery
  • Data analysis window into tree crop yield

Featured Crop - Specialty tree crops

  • 50 years of growing at Lewis Horticulture
  • Persimmon industry gains momentum in Australia
  • Speciality crops attract special pests
  • Australian Tree Crop Map now featuring truffles!
  • Carbon offset funding for CQ Pongamia project

Fruit Fly

  • Education driving down fruit fly numbers
  • Imposter fruit fly

Bees & Pollination

  • Early pest detection linked to eradication
  • Plan Bee flies south to Tasmania


  • Sea freight and storage disorders in stone fruit
  • Stone fruit growth and management
  • Vayego targets pests but soft on beneficials
  • Chelates ain’t chelates when feeding plants iron
  • Data analysis new window into tree crop yield

Orchard equipment

  • Fruiting wall sets up orchard for the future
  • Transtak expands its range of bin trailers


  • Mobishear tops for pruning equipment