• New supply chain service for exporters
  • Work on Varroa pesticide under way in Australia
  • Yara committed to recycling scheme
  • Pome growers needed for research project

Featured Crop - Cherries

  • Tomra Food ready when every cherry counts
  • SMS recruiting function now part of AgPick app
  • How to make cherry trees productive early
  • Mobile cherry sizing app delivers early size data
  • Premium cherries deserve Premio!
  • Mapping cherry fruitlets assists fruit thinning
  • Stress and strain in the cherry skin and cuticle
  • Variable quality export cherries in Vietnam
  • Drapeau-Lehner 2D wall system advantages

Featured Crop - Tropical Trees

  • Bayer trial proves value of farm-wide program
  • Pomegranates – new crop for North Qld
  • Farmable farming app simplifies management
  • Orchard management the key to sustainability

Fruit Fly

  • Planning an area-wide fruit fly program
  • Queensland fruit fly area wide management

Know Your Pest

  • A cherry on top...Cherry slugs

Bees & Pollination

  • Pollen collected during almond flowering

Products & Services

  • Make mango “appealing”
  • Retractable rain and hail shelters save crops

Disease & Insect Control

  • Monitoring cuts down sprays in avocados
  • New fungicide for macadamia husk spot

Water Supply & Irrigation

  • Irrigation innovations a Netafim strength
  • Water prices stay low for third year in a row
  • AquiMax helps make every droplet matter


  • Orchard-Rite shakers offer superior technology
  • Mango harvest aid – a story in the making
  • Hourly rates pushing adoption of platforms
  • Transtak Engineering ready for harvest