• New weapons in war against Varroa mite
  • AI trialled for high-risk bug detection
  • New owners, same quality
  • Solar-powered almond farm
  • Improving Australia’s biosecurity
  • CGA pilot project on traceability
  • $6.4 million cool-climate hort project

Branching Out

  • Hort board candidates announced
  • New southern agronomist for Haifa
  • New mango comms manager

Featured crops – Pome & Stone Fruit

  • Non-destructive quality measuring in stone fruit
  • Apple, pear growers welcome wider use of popular fruit thinner
  • Stroby WG fungicide now available from AgNova
  • Apple thinning: a returning challenge!
  • CGA ‘AusCherrySure’ MRL app released
  • Why peach stones split and what causes gum?
  • New sensor for storage disorders in stone fruit

Fruit Fly

  • Autumn fruit flies and warm spring = high risk
  • Fruit tree removal helps rid fruit fly in GMV
  • Fruit fly control a major focus in recent years

Know your Pest

  • IPM, insects and mites… the short version

Bees and Pollination

  • Plan Bee genetics saved from Varroa eradication
  • Inviting biodiversity benefits into tree crops

Tree Crop Insights

  • Collecting accurate weather data on-farm

Products & services

  • The best rat solution in macadamias
  • ABC takes your spray diary online
  • Bayer podcasts making a mark in agricultural sector
  • Davo’s Fencing Clip a “No Brainer!”
  • Robotic vehicle to alleviate labour shortages
  • Grochem gets organic tick

Fertilisers & nutrition

  • Yara focus on premium nitrate-based fertilisers
  • Eurosolids Triathlon for better iron efficiency
  • Bio-fertilisers better N-response in tree crops

Insect & mite Control

  • New weapon against citrus gall wasp
  • Apple industry welcomes miticide with new MOA
  • Getting it ‘done’ should mean getting it ‘right’
  • Sivanto prime tough on pests but not predators
  • Angler trap targets Carpophilus beetle