• Australian macadamia growers deliver higher than anticipated crop
  • Indian tariff cuts a boost for Australian citrus
  • 2022 Almond Conference a success
  • Mango season in full swing
  • Honey Gold makes inroads
  • Marquis’ new CEO and chair

Featured crop - Almonds

  • Options for drying and storing quality almonds
  • Pest option for almonds in challenging season
  • Best practice pest management in almonds
  • Enzymes boost almond yield and kernel size
  • Soil water extractors aid nutrient application
  • Mycorrhizae inoculant boosts almond survival
  • Are almond rootstocks making a difference?
  • Enhancing productivity in Australian almonds

Fruit Fly

  • Insights into fruit fly behaviour and control
  • ‘No flies on us!” wins international praise

Know your Pest

  • The ‘Most Wanted’ list of tree crop bugs!


  • New Switch for Alternaria
  • Fertiliser with flexibility
  • New UPL dry glufosinate
  • Instant analysis boosts tree crop N efficiency

Tree Crop Insights

  • CCC Macadamia Research Update held in Ballina
  • Microscopic organisms to increase crop yields
  • ‘Soft’ IPM approach pays off in macadamias
  • How do you know when to harvest stone fruit?
  • Movento controls pests at Queensland Citrus


  • How avocado growers can lift capacity and quality
  • ecoFOG a ‘game changer’ for treating pome fruit
  • The evolution of early size sampling
  • Irradiation of fruit on the increase in Aust

Business Solutions & Labour

  • Digital compliance app saves time and money
  • Ways for employers to meet harvest demands
  • App proves adaptability as AgPick branches out