• New Varroa detection at Gumble NSW
  • ‘Yes Minister’ threatens PALM scheme
  • Visa missteps will fuel food prices
  • Visa missteps will fuel food prices
  • Funding opens Thai avo trade
  • Aussie Apples win Thai award


  • Hort Connections 2023 breaks records
  • NZ agtech startup wins Tech Innovation Award
  • Aust Mangoes win Marketer Of The Year Award
  • Avo Connections: avocado Industry comes together

Branching Out

  • Horticulture industry’s new leader
  • Expert help for berry growers
  • New Hybrid Fertilisers sales manager

Featured crop – Nuts

  • Indian Sales Boom Drives Almond Exports
  • 2023 macadamia crop forecast revised down
  • Biostimulant trial boosts almond crop
  • Still lot to learn with almond tree nutrition
  • Research explores wider fungicide effectiveness

Featured crop – Mangoes

  • Record Yield for Mango High-Density Planting Trial
  • Refining Heat Unit Targets for Mango Cultivars
  • New Mango MRL mobile app
  • New project to boost mango exports to the USA
  • Award-winning ‘Taste the Sunshine’ mango campaign

Fruit Fly

  • Timing is everything when controlling tree pests!

Tree crop insights

  • Avoid acidifying the soil with nitrogen fertiliser
  • Australian native finger lime industry overview
  • Lindsay Rural blueberry field trip, Coffs Harbour
  • Top tips for maintaining frost fans

Technology in orchards

  • Managing a tree crop harvest? There’s an app for that
  • Information automation – huge gains for small cost
  • Humane, ‘smart’ rodent control with Goodnature

Orchard establishment & maintenance

  • Early start essential to tame high-density pears

Flowering, thinning & PGR's

  • Harnessing native bee pollinators in tree crops
  • Conjurer 750 WG PGR sets up tree crops for profit