Control and management of clearwing borer in persimmons

The APVMA has recently issued a permit for the use of a mating disruption agent for the management of persimmon clearwing borer (PCWB). The permit is for three years.

Mating disruption relies upon the release of large quantities of synthetic sex pheromones to prevent males from finding females, delaying mating that results in unmated females laying infertile eggs. With mated females, the delaying of mating will result in a reduced number of fertile eggs being laid - or none at all.

PCWB have been shown to be quite susceptible to mating disruption using pheromone dispensers.

With the current Covid-19 situation not allowing travel and meetings, the manufacturers need the assistance of growers to enable them to forecast the quantity of mating disruption agent that will be required by persimmon growers this season.

The mating disruption agent needs to be applied to the trees in early September, so it is important that growers indicate their requirements as soon as possible.

For more information about the PCWB mating disruption agent, or to forecast their requirements, growers should contact Russell Fox at Insense Pty Ltd as soon as possible on 0407 366 526.

Source: Insense Pty Ltd

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