Aussie avocados now exported to Japan

Hort Innovation chief executive officer Matt Brand said Australia had built a solid reputation for its premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables and was globally recognised for delivering high-end produce.

“Table grapes and citrus fruits are already established export products in the Japanese market and their market success has demonstrated a willingness by consumers to pay a premium price for high-quality produce,” he said.

Mr Brand said until now, Japan’s avocados were predominantly sourced from Mexico and to a lesser extent, Peru, the US and New Zealand.

“We are confident this new market access will enhance trade relations with Japan and, in time, open up market access for other premium fresh fruit and vegetable items.”

Avocados Australia chief executive officer John Tyas said the industry in Australia was growing rapidly and he was confident Australia would be producing about 115,000 tonnes of avocados per year by 2025.

“This is 50 per cent more than our current production, and expanding our domestic and international markets is essential,” he said.

Mr Tyas believed the trade agreement was exciting news.“We can now add Japan to our exclusive list of export destinations for our top-quality premium Hass avocados,” he said.

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