Spray technology reaches new heights in avocados

Jasper Farms – a Busselton, WA avocado producer – is taking delivery of several GreenTech orchard spray systems for applying fungicides to very tall avocado trees.

To reach these heights, these new GreenTech 5000L capacity spray systems also have an electric motor that very efficiently operates and powers the spray pump.

With at least 2000 GreenTech sprayers in operation in Australia, New Zealand, South America, New Caledonia and the United States, engineer Benz Baek – founder and managing director of GreenTech, says demand for proven crop protection solutions has never been higher.

GreenTech International is a privately-owned manufacturing company based in South Australian that has established itself as a global business with a strong reputation as a foremost manufacturer and authority on chemical application technology for tree crops.

“Farmers are moving towards more advanced spray systems for controlling pests and diseases at the lowest operating costs, but do not want to sacrifice reliability,” Mr Baek said.

He said the latest GreenTech machines have a very unique patented articulated drawbar system built-in to the chassis that maintains the PTO shaft completely in line with the tractor when turning.

General manager of Jasper Farms Ben Norrish said: “this spray system is the best on the market as it produces high volume and medium air velocity and supports extended adjustable arms, so we can reach the tops of tall trees.

“The leading strength of the GreenTech product, is that it produces the right droplets for obtaining the best spray coverage, giving excellent cost savings in chemicals and diesel and it has proven to have high reliability.

“With such a significant investment in avocados, we need to protect our trees so we can keep producing the highest quality fruit to meet the high standards required by Australian consumers.”

Mr Norrish together with Terry Leach – the manager of Ruabon Orchard which is part of Jasper Farms – said the spray head technology was critical in their decision-making process in purchasing the GreenTech products.

“With our climate and associated pests and disease pressure, we needed to ensure that the entire tree – including the very top of our 6.5–8.5-metre-tall trees, could receive chemical application in the most efficient and cost-effective way,” Mr Norrish said.

Mr Norrish has been familiar with the GreenTech’s tall tree spray systems for many years now. He is convinced that GreenTech’s unique design using electrical fan motors produces high air volume that is extremely effective in applying chemicals to his trees and crop.

“The power requirement to operate the fans is so low that I was also able to save on diesel fuel, while not having to worry about any potential hydraulic oil contamination in my crop. It was an excellent business decision.”

Mr Norrish estimates that since using his GreenTech sprayer, his spraying costs have significantly reduced, but more importantly, his crop losses will be reduced due to better spray coverage, along less time expended on the spraying operation.

The farm, which produces avocados during August to February, boasts one of Australia’s highest yielding avocado orchards. Mr Norrish said that they have now several hundred hectares of avocado trees producing more than one million trays per year.

“Demand for fresh produce in Australia and globally continues to rise,” Mr Baek said. “With Australia being such a strong producer in the viticulture, horticulture, and agriculture sectors, significant investments in crops have been made that now need to be protected.

“Working with such a diverse client base has allowed GreenTech to design and develop innovative technologies to meet customer demand. We must develop, manufacture and deliver solutions that we know are of the highest quality and reliable.

“GreenTech is continuing to build an even stronger brand and reputation and become the preferred choice in the market,” Mr Baek said.

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