Record Kanzi apple crop for 2021

A record crop of Kanzi apples will see the 2021 season extended, with fruit expected to be available in supermarkets from mid-March until spring.

The bright red Kanzi apple, a cross between a Royal Gala and Braeburn, was first introduced to Australia over 12 years ago.

A diligent tree planting program has resulted in a steady and sustainable lift in supply with this season’s volumes expected to reach over 5000 tonne.

Horticulture Brand Management Australia Pty Ltd (HBMA) general manager, Ms Elisa King said it was exciting to be looking forward to a bountiful season after the hardships of 2020 which saw growers battle through bushfires and drought.

“This year we’ve experienced our most significant lift in volume yet, with good weather and large trees planted 2015 to 2017 coming into full production,” said Ms King.

“This means we’ll have an extra 2000 tonne of Kanzi apples, compared to last season, which will ensure availability into spring.”

Ms King said Kanzi had quickly become one of Australia’s favourite apples. “The characteristics of a Kanzi apple have strong consumer appeal, from its unique sweet and tangy flavour, to its flesh that stays white for longer.

“To grow the market, ongoing investment in building crop volumes will see an extra 34,000 trees planted this year. By 2024, when the trees hit full maturity, we estimate more than 10,000 tonnes of Kanzi apples will be harvested in a season.

“While there’s significant investment in orchard strategies and plantings to increase volumes, we’re careful to ensure domestic demand continues to remain in front of supply. As such, we’ll be scaling up our marketing program to support this year’s record crop.”

Kanzi apples are grown in 80 orchards around Australia including pristine growing regions of Batlow, Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills, Manjimup, Stanthorpe and Huon.

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