Noonamahs’ massive 1.5kg mango monster

Mangoes Nov. 12, 2019

Mango farmer Steve Jenkins of Jenko’s Mangoes picked this whopper piece of fruit which weighs in at 1.5kg. An average ripe Kensington Pride weighs between 300-600g.

The franken-fruit is an R2E2 variety, which can reach up to 1kg. Mr Jenkins said he planned to polish off the beast with ice cream.

“It’s not the best to eat; it’s a bit soft,” he said.

Mr Jenkins said this year’s harvest was one of the outfit’s best.

Picking has just finished at the Noonamah farm with up to 160,000 trays of mangoes sent off. Harvest has now moved to Katherine.

“It’s very good quality this year. A lot of the fruit is a bit small though because of the long dry season,” he said.

Source: Herald Sun

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