Launch of Australian Fresh Produce Alliance

The goal of the Alliance is to achieve positive outcomes on major issues involving the growing, supply and sustainability of fresh produce for Australian consumers as well as export markets.

The AFPA’s membership consists of Perfection Fresh, Costa Group, Fresh Select, Mackays, Montague, One Harvest, LaManna Premier Group, Freshmax, Rugby Farms, Driscoll’s, Pinata Farms, Mitolo Group, 2PH Farms and Fresh Produce Group.

These companies are the leading suppliers of fresh produce to the major supermarkets and independent grocers generating combined annual revenue of more than $4.5 billion per annum, which is 50per cent of the total value of the Australian fresh produce industry.

Growing and supplying a broad range of fresh produce, including blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, avocados, lettuce, bananas, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, cucumbers, apples, spinach, potatoes, onions, stone fruit, citrus, corn, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower and table grapes, the AFPA members provide employment for circa 15,000 people and operate across more than 100 regional and rural communities Australia wide.

Inaugural AFPA Chairman and CEO of CostaGroup, Harry Debney noted that the coming together of such significant industry players was recognition by the participants of the need to give fresh produce a prominent and respected voice on the important issues facing the industry.

“The Australian Fresh Produce Alliancewill be first and foremost focused on achieving pragmatic solutions to some of the key issues facing the Australian fresh produceindustry, including labourand people, packaging, waste,trade access, land use, water security and pollination.

Our aim is to not only represent the key industry players, but to also achieve outcomes on issues relevant to the broader industry”, said Mr Debney.

AFPA CEO, Michael Rogers comes to the role with an extensive background in the horticulture and food industries, having held senior executive roles at Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited and the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

“The Australian fresh produce industry is a major contributor to Australia’s economic growth and it deserves a prominent seat at the table when it comes to addressing the many economic, environmental and social issues the industry is facing.

The Australian Fresh Produce Alliance has been established to perform this role and I look forward to working closely with government, retailers and other industry players to ensure our contribution is both meaningful and productive,” said Mr Rogers.

The key priorities for the AFPA are packaging, people, product integrity, market access, product integrity, pollination and water.

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