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April 3, 2024 | 5 Min read
Electric fencing is a cost-effective and reliable way to control animal movement, manage pasture and achieve strong conservation outcomes.

Electric fencing is a cost-effective and reliable way to control animal movement, manage pasture and achieve strong conservation outcomes.  

Generally, electric fencing is more effective than traditional fencing, creating a psychological barrier in addition to the physical while delivering a short and safe memorable shock that trains animals to respect the fencing. 

Gallagher’s flagship permanent electric fencing solution is designed for any place and anywhere. 

The robust, low-maintenance solution is easy to construct and sets the standard for convenience with information delivered directly to your smartphone, offering the peace of mind livestock remain contained where they should be. 

Gallagher I-Posts form the physical portion of the fence system. Shaped like an I-Beam in the construction industry, a well-recognised shape for its strength and integrity, these posts ensure heavy-duty animal control and durability in natural events. 

Gallagher business development manager Graeme Mulligan said the I-Post is a robust and versatile addition to our permanent fencing solution.  

“With multiple post variations, fencing solutions can be tailored to a farmers’ exact needs, whether they’re looking to keep out kangaroos or pigs, protect waterways on their property, or keep their livestock where they need to be,” Mr Mulligan said. 

Of course, a fence is only as powerful as its energizer.  
 Gallagher i series energizers are intelligent, adapting voltage according to conditions to deliver more power to the end of the fence line when necessary. They are engineered to perform under harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures and lightning and have in-built fence monitoring technology.  

Hooking up an energizer to a wi-fi network enables alerts to be sent directly to your phone through the Ag Devices app. 

Gallagher electric fences are easy to install and easy to maintain with the addition of a volt meter and fault finder enabling simple and safe measurement of fence performance. If there are any faults, these devices point you in the right direction and save hours checking the fence for shorts. 

Gallagher proudly supports sustainable agriculture and conservation-focussed fencing projects across the country in conjunction with Landcare Australia, supporting 22 conservation grants to promote sustainable land management practises and agricultural production.  

The product for each project was sourced locally supporting rural resellers and promoting small businesses. 

Gallagher happily provides technical help and support for installation and hardware and software products for both resellers and customers.  




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