First Aussie Mangoes for the Season Reach US

Oct. 22, 2019 | 5 Min read
NT mangoes have made the lengthy but successful journey from Katherine to Los Angeles.

Territory mangoes have made the lengthy but successful journey from Katherine to Los Angeles, as the first Aussie mangoes arrive on US shelves for the season. 

The Kensington Pride variety mangoes have been grown and exported from Katherine by Manbulloo to their US supermarket customers, the result of four years perfecting their supply chain and perseverance.

Technical support to mango growers and exporters on market access, packaging and logistics has been developed through a 2013-2017 project which ultimately developed the mango export market to the USA for the first time.

While the Northern Territory produces and supplies over half of Australia’s mangoes, which is worth nearly $90 million to the Territory in the domestic market, very few are exported overseas, as it takes substantial planning and persistence to consistently supply high-quality fruit to international markets. 

The Australian delicacy is very attractive to the discerning American customer and Manbulloo have spent significant time and resources to ensure their mangoes go from farm to consumer while maintaining a quality Northern Territory mango experience.

Last week Manbulloo mangoes were on display at PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California, one of the biggest international fresh produce and floral trade marketing conventions, where 22,000 delegates from 60 countries were able to see, taste and talk about Northern Territory mangoes.

Manbulloo also export their mangoes to China, South Korea, Japan and Canada. The 2019 Northern Territory mango season, based on current industry forecast, is on track for a 4% increase on 2018.

“Like laksa and fishing, mangoes are an absolute Territory favourite, we’re known here in the NT for our high quality fruit, and it’s fantastic to see these reach the shelves of US supermarkets," said Minister for Primary Industry and Resources, Paul Kirby.

“Our domestic mango exports are extremely strong supplying over 50% of Australian mangoes, and the perseverance of growers like Manbulloo to consistently break into international markets is a reflection of the quality of the product and processes. 

“The Territory posted an extremely pleasing record international export balance in 2019, and while mangoes might not have been our top export, they might well be our tastiest. 

Manbulloo Supply Chain Manager and AMIA director, Karl Gygar said, “We’re really proud not only of our domestic product, but to also our international export operations. Our Quality Manager Scott Ledger actually travelled to the US to monitor our first consignments this year.

“International export, particularly in the case of the US, is extremely hard work but it is also extremely rewarding when you get your supply chain right, and are able to deliver high-quality fruit around the world.

“Every country has different requirements and protocols and we’re pleased to have worked with the Department of Primary Industry and Resources during this project, which sees our fruit in LA, and at the Fresh Fruit Summit.”


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