Felco celebrates 20 years in Australia

2020 is a big year for pruning equipment manufacturer Felco Australia, with the Swiss-based company celebrating 75 years and 20 in Australia.

Felco Australia managing director, Blaise Vinot, said that reaching 20 years locally was a milestone for the small company.

The company was founded in 1945 by Felix Flisch. Today his grandsons run the operation. Based near Neuchatel in Switzerland, Felco owns the aluminium forge that produces all secateur handles and still manufactures in the same village where it began.

In the last decade, Felco has extended its range by adding new curved saws, large loppers and invested in new machines to remain competitive globally.

Last year it introduced Felco 14 and 15, professional secateurs designed for people with small hands. By modifying the blade geometry the manufacturer has ensured these smaller secateurs provide a similar cutting power to larger tools.

This year Felco is launching its latest generation of battery-powered pruners - the Power Blade series.

Felco 820 has been a proven performer in tree crops since 2013 and the new Power Blade 822 builds on the previous model’s strength.

With an upgrade of some of the mechanical components and the introduction of new, longer lasting high speed steel blades, the 822 model is projected to become even more popular with tree growers around the country.

The battery pack package has been redesigned to offer better comfort and ventilation and provides a range of adjustments to fit men and women of all sizes. 

The Power Blade series comes in three models, 802, 812 and 822 with different cutting capacities that will feature new HSS blades designed by Felco. These blades provide a better cutting edge retention and deliver superior precision cutting.

For tree crop users, Mr Vinot said extension poles of one and 1.5 metres were an extra option for overhead pruning or removing suckers at the bottom of trees. Connecting the electric pruner to the extension pole was a simple process and required no tool, thus providing maximum flexibility to the grower, he said.

Felco’s reputation has been built on the longevity of its tools. Staff at its Australian operation based in the Melbourne pride themselves in the knowledge they have of all the company's tools.

In particular, the factory-trained service manager can assist with any queries relating to products or spare parts required to refurbish your secateurs.

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