Croplands leads the way in tree spray coverage

Croplands is a brand name synonymous with tree crop spraying.

It all began in 1972 with Croplands designing and building air-blast sprayers for the New Zealand apple market, says Croplands horticulture product lead Andrew Germein.

“From this very beginning, Croplands have only used premium quality components to build sprayers of the highest standards that are renowned for their reliability and industry leading spray coverage,” Mr Germein said.

Croplands sprayers feature the exclusive Fieni fans and Annovi Reverberi (AR) pumps.

Both Fieni and AR are industry-leading sprayer component manufacturers based in Italy and have been supplying Croplands for nearly 50 years – business partnerships built on respect and mutual success.

Mr Germein said Croplands regularly collaborates with both Fieni and AR to ensure future customer and market demands are met.

Croplands boast an extensive range of air-blast model sprayers with a model solution to suit every tree crop customer. Beginning with a 300-litre linkage CropAir model fitted with 600mm Fieni fan – right up to the new 5000-litre trailed Cropliner XV model fitted with 1060mm Fieni fan.

“Croplands has a model solution to suit any size of operation, HP requirement or customer budget with all Croplands air-blast sprayers able to be ordered to meet specific customer requirements,” Mr Germein said.

Optional selections include tank, fan and pump size combinations along with manual, electric or rate controller options.

He said choices of axle, wheel and nozzle options mean a Croplands customer can order a new sprayer to suit their specific needs and crop requirements.

“For the customer or business seeking greater spray efficiency with even better spray coverage, the Croplands Quantum Mist Tower range of sprayers are a fantastic option.

“Quantum Mist Tower model sprayers use the iconic Quantum Mist hydraulically driven fan. This fan was developed by Croplands and SARDI and has revolutionised spray coverage in the horticulture crop industry.”

Mr Germein said these smaller, individual fans are hydraulically driven in series meaning they operate at similar speed resulting in a more uniform spray coverage from the top to the bottom of the tree.

Spray travel speeds are generally quicker than traditional air-blast spraying, resulting in significant efficiency gains and fuel savings.

Quantum Mist Tower model sprayers are available in various configurations to suit all tree crop sizes. The 6-head Quantum Mist Tower is ideally suited to stone fruit and pip fruit trees and is available in 2000 litre to 4000 litre tank sizes.

The 8-head Quantum Mist Ultra Tower is perfectly suited to citrus trees with the 10-head Quantum Mist Ultra Tower being the ideal solution for taller tree crops like avocados, macadamias and mangoes.

Quantum Mist Ultra Tower model sprayers are available in 4000 and 5000 litre models.

“Purchasing a quality, reliable sprayer to achieve premium sprayer coverage is only the beginning of the Croplands customer experience, Mr Germein said. “Croplands boasts an Australia-wide dealer network with dealers in all states and key regional areas.

“When purchasing a new Croplands sprayer you can be assured it will be delivered and set up for optimum performance.

“You will be supported with ongoing service and parts support by your local Croplands dealer as well as having access to Croplands’ customer and technical support team to ensure your sprayer delivers you the best return on your investment.”

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