Clean, easy monitoring of insect pests

Jan. 11, 2021 | 5 Min read
Biotrap cubes take the hassle out of insect monitoring by allowing growers to use dry insect traps .

Using sticky inserts and liquids to catch and hold your insect targets has always made the monitoring of pests other than fruit fly a messy and time-consuming process.

Biotrap Australia has recently received APVMA approval for the use of their insecticidal DDVP cubes for use in any suitable commercial pest monitoring trap, where a lure is required to attract and kill an insect.

For growers, consultants and bug-checkers this means simply adding a single Biotrap DDVP cube to each trap will ensure your catch is easy to sort and identify without the goo, mess, and fuss of wet or sticky traps.

Monitoring for insect pests is a critical component of any successful IPM program and there are now more lures available than ever before, to monitor for an increasing suite of insect pests. These are only effective however, when the insect caught can be correctly identified and numbers determined.

Biotrap DDVP cubes now take the hassle out of insect monitoring, by allowing you to use dry insect traps that do not break down the insect, result in a sticky mess or smelly sludge.

DDVP or dichlorvos, is a broad-spectrum, highly effective, and rapid insect killing agent. With its fumigating action and long-lasting stability, it has been proven to reduce the potential of insects to exit the trap. Biotrap DDVP Cubes last up to three months making them ideal for use with most pheromone lures and attractants. 

Biotrap and its partners/distributors also provide a range of different traps designed to match the behaviours and habits of most insect species. Biotrap understands that colour attractiveness, crawling/flying behaviour and lure presentation can be specific to a particular insect species. Therefore, the pairing of the right trap and lure is critical for accurately monitoring what is happening in your field, orchard or glasshouse.

Key points to remember for correct use of insect monitoring traps:

- Know or learn where to place your trap for best results for the species you are monitoring for

- Learn how to identify your insect pests correctly and quickly

- Handle lures with care to avoid contaminating the outside of the trap. (Use a pair of tweezers to handle lures if possible)

- Remove trapped insects from the trap and dispose of these in an appropriate manner. Do not throw trapped insects on the ground below the trap, the pheromones on these insects will be sufficient to divert insects to the dead insects on the ground; reducing the effectiveness of your monitoring program

- Know when and how often to replace your lures and DDVP tablets

- Inspect your traps regularly and record findings to enable you to develop a database on insect activity on the farm. Record pest control spray timing relative to monitoring data

- Effective insect monitoring will save you time and money and may prevent loss of key markets for your crop.

Biotrap DDVP cubes are available from a range of distributors and lure suppliers including Bugs for Bugs, BioLogical Ag and Grochem.

Biotrap DDVP Cubes:

- Available in resealable packets of 10

- Safe enough to handle in the field with just gloves

- Registered for all commercial pest monitoring trapping

- Long-lasting and highly effective on all insects

- Can be used with all pheromone and attractant lures.

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