IFPA - more time needed to implement changes

The International Fresh Produce Association A-NZ (IFPA A-NZ) supports a national approach to ban plastic non-compostable price look-up code (PLU) produce stickers and wants to see compostable adhesive excluded from South Australia's proposed 2025 ban until growers, packers and retailers have more time to phase in approved alternatives.

Piñata full of mango gold

Honey Gold mango producer Piñata Farms has ended the season on a high with a record January up 43 per cent in volume, and just less than its record season in 2022-2023.

Moths that bite

If your fruit crop is in the northern rivers of NSW it may have been attacked by giant Fruit Piercing Moths this summer.

FrostBoss launch new tower

In the realm of frost protection, FrostBoss has long been recognised as a leading provider of innovative solutions to growers worldwide.

All juiced up about citrus future

Citrus Australia says its 2024 Australian Citrus Congress has provided the insights and impetus to shape a profitable future for the nation’s citrus sector.

Orchard-Rite is right on the money

Orchard-Rite research development and dealer support Ben Daking said some fruit is naturally more frost tolerant than others. “Citrus will withstand lower temperatures than stone fruit, which withstands lower temperatures than grapes. “Within a single crop type there may also be differences - lemons are less resilient than oranges, some oranges might be more sensitive than mandarins - so accurately understanding the frost tolerance of your variety is important,” Mr Daking said.

Advancing citrus microbial food safety with science – and data-based approaches

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) recently delivered a project (CT20005) to examine microbial food safety risks along the citrus supply chain and develop management strategies.

The fruit of ANFIC’S 40-year legacy

The Australian Nursery’s Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC) got Australia back in the game when it came to intellectual property rights and the ability of the industry to play on something even close to a level playing field.

Serving up an avocado enterprise

WHAT do you get when you cross avocados and Andrew Crossman? Crossie’s Cados. Established in 2005 at Torrumbarry in Victoria’s north, Andrew Crossman has built a business which is continuing to grow season after season.

JD options make market green with envy

In 2024-25, the high value crop (HVC) sector will reach a new record of $17.8 billion in its value of production, positioning it as the third largest agricultural industry in the nation.

Singing the praises of Serenade

The success of Nigel Love’s avocado farm starts with healthy roots which has led to healthier trees and improved yields.

Agriculture set to Prospr under Croplands

Croplands, Nufarm’s emerging solutions spray equipment platform, and Robotics Plus, a New Zealand-based agritech company, have announced they are joining forces to bring Prospr to the Australian and New Zealand horticulture market.

Farmers wanted for regenerative cropping survey

Five hundred crop farmers nationally are wanted for a short online survey – and 75 of those will be selected for a broader, three-year farm monitoring project.

Pollinus increases yields

A novel honeybee attractant enhancing the performance of bees as crop pollinators is showing its potential value in nut crops in Australia.

Grow, connect and thrive at hort connections

The southern hemisphere’s largest horticulture conference is arriving in Melbourne June 3-5.

APVMA publishes diazinon, fenitrothion decision

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has published its decisions on the use of diazinon and fenitrothion.

Service dog protects the country

Biosecurity service dog Vespa has done more than his fair share helping to keep Australia safe, intercepting 1300 biosecurity risk items across 129 commodities last year – the most of any biosecurity detector dog in the country.