Red Moon® red-fleshed apples to roll out in Australia

Pome fruit May 6, 2019

Since then Barolli Orchards has joined the Red Moon team, securing one of just five global licences to grow the apple, which will be marketed worldwide under a collective strategy with international partners.

Red Moon Surprise Inside comes under the global management of the same team that looks after Kiku® apples, ensuring management and marketing by an experienced team of global brand managers.

With trial blocks of the trees planted over the last four years in Tasmania, Shepparton (VIC) and Batlow (NSW), Nathan Barolli, Head of Operations, is confident the two varieties that supply the brand – RM1 and RS1 – will perform well in all apple-growing regions across Australia.

“It’s a pretty nice tree to grow,” said Nathan. “We’ve achieved the best internal colour in the cooler sites at Batlow and Tasmania, but we can manage heat stress at other sites to get good colour too.”

The two varieties have different harvesting times in mid-March and mid-April and have the added advantage of scab resistance enabling growers to use less fungicides in line with the brand’s commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Nathan reports that the flavour and eating quality of Red Moon Surprise Inside apples is excellent – with the added benefit of high levels of anthocyanins and vitamin C.

“The flavour of red-fleshed apples has gotten better and better through developments and breeding and we believe Red Moon Surprise Inside is the pick of the crop because it has such a beautiful eating quality,” said Nathan.

“It has higher antioxidant, anthocyanin and vitamin C levels than any other apple – even other red-fleshed apples.”

In 2018, Nathan’s counterparts in Italy produced 1,000 tonnes of the apples to a positive consumer reception in Europe, boding well for its future.

Nathan has started commercial scale plantings of the varieties, with a commercial harvest expected as early as 2021-22. He may also look to partner with other growers in the future to scale up production.

Barolli Orchards will also lead Red Moon Surprise Inside marketing in Australia, backed by brand owner Red Moon Company. The company also produces Red Moon Surprise Inside apple juice, sparkling apple juice and chips – giving Barolli Orchards additional scope to market related products.

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