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Oct. 2, 2023 | 5 Min read
In the dynamic world of horticulture, where tree crops such as almonds, walnuts, apples, pears, and citrus play a pivotal role in the local economy, improved farm management practices become more important every year.

In the dynamic world of horticulture, where tree crops such as almonds, walnuts, apples, pears, and citrus play a pivotal role in the local economy, improved farm management practices become more important every year.

As the seasons start to change and the weather warms up, the focus for growers shifts significantly towards effective weed management programs.

Weeds can be more than mere nuisances; they have the potential to undermine crop health, reduce yields, and, most significantly, dent profitability.

In the bustling orchards where every minute counts, the adage 'timing is everything' must be your mantra.

According to KENSO AGCARE national horticulture manager Luke Testoni early intervention is the “secret weapon”.

“While traveling around, you witness the daily challenges farmers face,” he says.

“The need to stay proactive in weed management is a constant topic of conversation, and I must give credit to the growers for their exceptional dedication."

He also believes navigating the sea of available herbicides can be overwhelming, even though making the right choice is paramount.

But he doesn’t pull any punches with the advice he offers orchardists: “Precision is key”.

“KENSO AGCARE offers an array of high-quality herbicides tailored to your specific needs,” Mr Testoni explains.

“When it comes to selective action against broadleaf weeds, KENTROLE (Amitrole) is the go-to choice. For swift and targeted action without harming your valuable trees, FIESTAR (Glufosinate) stands out,” he adds.

In most scenarios, controlling weeds around the tree’s drip zone takes centre stage, and farmers often seek a solution with residual activity, such as SPEKTRUM (Flumioxazin), to fulfil this task.

Mr Testoni says KENSO recently received approval for label extension, now encompassing key horticulture crops.

In most applications, he says it pairs exceptionally well with a knockdown herbicide which effectively tackles smaller, pesky weeds, setting the stage for SPEKTRUM to work its magic in the soil.

Additional Group 14 (previously Group G) options often used in similar applications include OX 240 (Oxyfluorfen) and SQUATTER (Carfentrazone), both of which offer exceptional residual control.

KENSO is continuing to develop weed control options for tree corps with some exciting new formulations to come soon.

Paraquat and glyphosate continue to play a vital role in orchard weed management across the country, serving as mainstays in almost every farm shed, and KENSO is equipped to cater to that market as well.

One of the latest additions to its portfolio is MAX-OUT DUO 600.

Mr Testoni says “it's not merely about introducing another glyphosate product to the market, but it is all about the precision of the formulation”.

He says with its high-load combination of potassium and monoethanolamine salts, along with a fully loaded surfactant package, it effectively combats both grasses and broadleaf weeds.

“Formulated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing ISO-accredited facilities, it stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence, reflecting our drive for quality and innovation,” Mr Testoni says.

“As the season progresses and harvest approaches, precision becomes paramount,” he says.

“PARAKEN 334 steps in as a rapid-action contact herbicide, equipped with its built-in surfactant package to hold the solution. Its high-load Paraquat formulation guarantees efficient weed control, simplifying harvest preparation."

For tree crop growers, weed management isn't just a task; it represents a pivotal strategy which defines success, laced with an underlying artistry.

From the timing-driven effectiveness of SPEKTRUM to the precision embodied in MAX-OUT DUO 600's formulation, KENSO AGCARES' solutions align seamlessly with the realities of orchard life.

Mr Testoni says as you nurture your almonds, walnuts, apples, pears and citrus, remember the right herbicide, applied with precision, can unlock the full potential of your tree crops.

He says as KENSO consistently seeks ways to improve its relevance in crop protection in Australia it is exploring new avenues to augment its already comprehensive product range.

“I genuinely anticipate the future, as we have some exciting products on the horizon and an exceptional team ready to contribute further value to this remarkable industry,” he adds.

For more information on any of KENSO AGCARES' range of products, please visit or get in touch with one of the sales team members.

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