Innovation rachets up mango eating experience!

Aug. 19, 2023 | 5 Min read
Manbulloo’s ‘Project Flavour’ has launched the tantalising treasures of the Australian National Mango Breeding Program – three new and amazing mango varieties.

Manbulloo’s ‘Project Flavour’ has launched the tantalising treasures of the Australian National Mango Breeding Program – three new and amazing mango varieties.

The breeding and selection journey began over two decades ago, with the Australian National Mango Breeding Program.

Using the iconic and legendary Australian Kensington Pride, plant breeders and horticulturalists worked diligently to develop superior mango genotypes.

After years of research and development, including crossing numerous cultivars with KP, three varieties have been evaluated as “the real deal.”

• NMBP 1201 - an Irwin and KP cross named the AhHa! Mango

• NMBP 1243 - also an Irwin and KP cross named the Yes! Mango

• NMBP 4069 - a Van Dyke and KP cross named the Now! Mango.

The distinctive colour of the new Yes! variety sets it part from other mangoes.

The ‘Project Flavour’ varieties were selected for their improved resistance to disease, reduced tree vigour, adaptability to different climates, consistency in production, and are proving to perform well at high density.

The marketing rights for the new varieties were awarded exclusively to the Manbulloo Fruit Company in 2022. The first commercial crops have been high quality and high yielding with distinctive colours which have underipinned the marketing campaign.

As Australia’s largest grower and marketer of Kensington Pride and R2E2, Manbulloo’s vision is to take these new varieties to every Australian consumer and the world through their ‘Project Flavour’ campaign,” says Manbulloo’s managing director Marie Piccone.

“Growing in orchards around Australia, ‘Project Flavour’ mango varieties are exciting, they look great, and taste great. Pushing the flavour envelope presenting with extraordinary KP style flavours, succulent texture, sweet, tropical aromas – and with that well-loved mango tang.”

Ms Piccone said the feedback so far from consumers describes the great taste, and a great eating experience they were hoping to achive with the new varieties.

“Each of the three varieties celebrates nature’s artistic palate with hues ranging from soft to vibrant reds and delicate pinks over yellow undertones when the mangoes are ready for consumers to buy and enjoy.

“Testament to the dedication of the team involved in the National Mango Breeding Program, and the innovation and efforts of growers, the AhHa! Yes! and Now! mangoes have captivated consumers for their extraordinary flavours and strong visual appeal.”

Their intriguing names have become topics of conversation with consumers, posing the propositons:



You deserve great mango flavour….. Now!

‘Project Flavour’ mangoes will be available again this coming mango season from October 2023 at selected Australian retailers. They will be available more widely in Australia and in global markets as production volumes increase.

If you are interested in growing these varieties or being part of retail marketing, please contact Manbulloo Fruit Company.

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