Should I replace or renew my old frost fan?

Australian Frost Fans is the sister business to New Zealand Frost Fans, which manufactures the well-known FrostBoss range of frost fans. The FrostBoss C49 (4-blade machine) is the best-selling machine in Australia and New Zealand.

Together the two companies have a significant research and development program focused on improving the efficiency and reliability of frost fans.

The result of this research has been the development of the FrostBoss C49 frost fan incorporating the proprietary FrostBoss clutch, controller and C49 composite blades.

The FrostBoss C49 was developed with help from former Team New Zealand aerodynamics research engineer Richard Karn, to optimise noise reduction by using a greater blade working area and slower rotational speed than a 2-blade fan.

In addition, the much higher blade passage frequency of the 4-blade fan means the noise signature no longer has a low frequency beating sound, similar to an Iroquois helicopter. Along with the FrostBoss C59 (5-blade machine), the FrostBoss C49 is the quietest machine on the market.

Australian Frost Fans national sales manager Ian Mason said a growing market for fan upgrades now exists as new technology is adapted for the population of ageing fans, especially in Australia and New Zealand.

He said the efficiency and productivity of such fans can be significantly improved by the retrofitting of composite blades, centrifugal clutches and gearboxes, particularly when coupled with automated controllers.

“Web-based monitoring of frost fans is also becoming more popular among large and small growers alike, and the FrostBoss controller has been designed with this in mind.

“The remote monitoring option enables growers to access real-time monitoring of fans around the world, together with text alarms and historical data and graphs on temperature, run-hours and machine performance,” he said.

Marketed through its own companies in New Zealand and Australia, FrostBoss fans are also installed in Canada, Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey and Chile through local distributors.

As well as the supply and installation of FrostBoss frost fans, Australian Frost Fans service and upgrade most makes of frost fan. You can read more about Australian Frost Fans and the FrostBoss range at the Aussie Frost Fans website.

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