Production of peaches and nectarines will break records

Stone Fruit Nov. 2, 2019

According to sources, in China, 15 million tons of these stone fruits will be harvested. Despite the dry weather in Shandong Province -the main producer of peaches and nectarines- the total Chinese crop volume remained at the same level due to good natural conditions in other parts of the country.

It is expected that Chinese exports of peaches and nectarines will grow by almost 60% (up to 100,000 tons) due to an increase in supplies to Vietnam. Chinese imports of these crops will also grow to 28,000 tons due to supplies from Chile and the abolition of import duties on products from Australia under the bilateral free trade agreement, which will enter into force on January 1, 2019.

At 20% (up to 814,000 tons), an increase in yield in the United States is projected. With the growth of production, exports to Canada and Mexico will increase to 75,000 tons. At the same time, imports from Chile from the beginning of 2019 will be reduced to 35,000 tons.

EU production

In EU countries, the production of peaches and nectarines will increase by almost 260,000 tons and amount to 4.1 million tons. The area of ​​cultivated gardens will remain stable. Exports will grow by 30% to 200,000 tons, while imports will fall to 30,000 tons.

According to USDA estimates, 830,000 tons of peaches and nectarines will be harvested in Turkey, local orchards will continue to expand, taking into account the introduction of varieties that are in demand both fresh and for the production of juices. Exports will remain stable at 130,000 tons.

Chilean harvest of these fruits will increase slightly compared to last year and amount to 162,000 tons. Exports will remain at 98,000 tons, as increased supplies to China offset the decline in exports to the United States - the main market for Chilean peaches and nectarines.

Recent bad weather in Japan will affect the harvest, which will be only 102,000 tons.

In Australia, the production of peaches and nectarines will grow for the third year in a row due to the entry into the season of commercial fruiting of new gardens with high-yielding varieties. Harvest will be 96,000 tons, and exports will grow to 17,000 tons due to the high demand for Australian stone fruit in China.

Russia will remain the world's leading importer of peaches and nectarines (225,000 tons) due to stable supplies from Turkey and Belarus.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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