UPL launches new GoActiv Technology

UPL is bringing a new range of biostimulant products to Australia based on GoActiv Technology, designed to address specific crop physiological ‘pain-points’ or abiotic stresses in fruits, vegetables, vines and tree crops.

Neil Innes, UPL Australia biosolutions manager, said UPL has spent considerable time researching and selecting the products best suited to the Australian market for the launch of the range in June 2021.

“We’re excited to be bringing the benefits of GoActiv technology to Australian growers,” he said. “This technology is the result of decades of research by Goëmar Laboratories in France (a UPL subsidiary) and has proven results across the globe since its inception in the early 1980’s.

“The active in the new product range stimulates naturally occurring biological processes to improve crop yield and quality, bringing added value to growers.”

GoActiv Technology is based on a 100 percent pure extract from the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed species. Mr Innes said the identified extract activates main mechanisms of the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil as well as activating flowering hormones essential in fruit setting and early development of the fruit.

“GoActiv Technology has several beneficial modes of action. Firstly, it activates enzymes responsible for nutrient uptake, improving the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.

“Laboratory results show a significant response using GoActiv Technology with uptakes increased by 1.6 times for nitrogen; 1.7 times for phosphorus; 2.9 times for potassium and 1.5 times for both calcium and magnesium.

“As well as enhancing mineral absorption, GoActiv Technology also stimulates photosynthetic activity, increasing the chlorophyll content in leaves and thereby improving the ability of the plant to use the extra-nutrient for its development.”

Mr Innes said another key mode of action of GoActiv technology is the activation of flowering hormones involved in fruit production due to the stimulation of polyamine synthesis.

“Polyamines play a role in flower set, growth activation, maintenance of cell wall integrity and seed germination,” Mr Innes said.

“For example, fruit position and size in apples is in correlation with their polyamine content and polyamine deficiency in grapes results in stunted growth of clusters and berries.”

In addition, he said the technology works to overcome abiotic stress caused by factors such as drought, salinity and temperature extremes; assists bud fertility through gene expression, hormone production and metabolic process stimulation; and has positive benefits on colouration.

Seaweed extracts aren’t new, so what is it that makes GoActiv Technology unique?

Mr Innes said Ascophyllum nodosum is hand harvested off the coast of Brittany, France and transported to UPL’s factory for processing within 24 hours of harvest to ensure the quality remains intact.

The material is put through a unique cell bursting and filtration process, concentrating the extract and preserving the natural active ingredient without the extra inert matter, to deliver a product that can be applied at low rates.

The second difference is that the production process removes alginates, which under low pH, tend to swell or form a gel which can cause tank mixing and spraying challenges.

Mr Innes said he process for producing GoActiv Technology allows for fewer spray application issues and better compatibility in tank mixes for growers.

“This technology is tried and tested overseas and has decades of research behind it. We’re looking forward to bringing these benefits to Australia with the initial launch of five products – Calibra Carbo, Gaxy6, Vitalroot, BM Start and BioZyme.”

UPL Australia launched the GoActiv Technology product range at Hort Connections, Brisbane in early June.

The new range of UPL biostimulant products will be available from most major agricultural retailers.

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